After founder and husband Manuel Ferreira da Silva died in 1976, his wife Dolly Ferreira da Silva unexpectedly became the sole heir to a unique rum legacy. Determined to succeed in taking care of their twelve young children, Dolly decided to take the lead and run the family business.

In the years following Doly continued to take good care of her twelve children while running the business. She even specialised in distilling old rum besides the all time favorite white rum of Cape Verde. Due to her warm personality Dolly gained name for herself and the business throughout whole Cape Verde.

In loving memory of sister, mother, grandmother and friend, and to honor her work, Ferreira da Silva has released a hyper exlusive Limited Edition of Ferreira da Silva finest Gold Rum.

Become part of her unique story of perseverance, love and passion for rum and have a Taste of Freedom!

This is for Dolly

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