Limited Edition 70th Anniversary

This bottle of Gold Rum captures the full story of Dolly and celebrates or 70th anniversary. A rich, sweet, full-bodied rum. Pot-stilled from fresh sugar cane juice, 10 years aged in French Oak barrels. 100% natural ingredients.


Limited Edition 70TH Anniversary

Manuel, the beloved founder of Ferreira da Silva Rum left his family a beautiful legacy. We honor him with this bottle. Made of fresh sugarcane juice, resulting in a youthful and strong tasting of burned sugar.

Limited Edition, small batch.

Gold Rum

Authentic Cape Verdean Gold Rum

Premium gold rum. Based on the original recipe from the Ferreira da Silva family, this rum is handcrafted & aged at least 4 years in French oak barrels. Made with organic sugar and pure, clear water from the wells on our property on the Island of Santo Antão.

White Rum

Authentic Cape Verdean White Rum

Light bodied white rum. Crystal clear color with a clean, smooth, slightly sweet and creamy taste. This is a very versatile rum and can be used in your favorite rum cocktail but is particularly tasty served with lemon lime soda, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, club soda.

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